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Nap Nap

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I found the beginning extremely compelling, even though the art was not sophisticated. Almost entrancing. So I was a little surprised by the initial transition, but once it was under way I loved every second of it...

Great concept, great twists, great ending - although I would have liked to see more. I could have used more plot in there, within the dreamworld. I felt like we had only just seen the dreamworld when we were jolted back out of it, although perhaps that was the intention.

Aside from that, I liked the music but would have preferred a less "pixelated" sound. In other words I liked the composition but not the instrumentation. But that is mostly personal taste. 9 out of 10. Excellent.

Spillkaidah responds:

Hi, thanks for the response! I would have liked to do more with it as well. However, i was working within the 2 minute parameter of the song... so i was forced to discover how little time that is to actually develop a storyline. There was going to be a whole yin-yang parallel consciousness thing with the shepherd.

And yea, as far as the audio goes, i'm a sucker for 8bit :3